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The Coalition is driven by a powerful mission: to uplift and strengthen our community’s healthcare system through collaborative partnerships. With a shared vision of preparedness and well-being, we work tirelessly to promote disaster readiness, education, public awareness, and resource sharing.

The Coalition’s unwavering commitment fosters open lines of communication, ensuring seamless coordination in community-wide emergency planning and response. With a focus on resilience, we champion comprehensive healthcare planning, training, and exercises, empowering healthcare facilities with the vital skills needed to triumph over adversity.

The Coalition envisions a future where our healthcare system stands as an unyielding force, ready to rise and heal in the face of any incident, all while distributing funding and assets to valued members of our organization.

Across the

Coalition membership includes healthcare organizations from the Tennessee counties of Shelby, Tipton, Fayette, and Lauderdale; DeSoto County, Mississippi; and Crittenden County, Arkansas.

Emergency Preparedness

Coalition members collaborate on community hazard assessments, exercises, resource sharing, regional response plans, and acquiring equipment and supplies allowing them to better serve the Mid-South during unexpected events.

& Trainings

We routinely host trainings and exercises to help healthcare organizations identify gaps and improve performance, increasing overall community resiliency.

Members of our coalition include

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